Bangkok – City of Angels After the destruction of Ayutthaya by the Burmese, General Taksin selected the city of Dhonburi as the new capital (1767), the main reasons for this choice were strategic. His successor Rama I, the first King of the Chakri dynasty, transferred the royal residence across the river to Ban Kok (“Village […]

Hua Hin, the Original Beach Resort Hua Hin is located in the northern part of the Kra Isthmus on the sunrise side of the Gulf of Thailand, 281 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. Hua Hin, which literally means stone head in Thai, is the oldest beach resort of the country. On the outskirts of the town […]

Phuket, Pearl of the Andaman Otherwise known as the “Pearl of the Andaman”, Phuket is a mesmerizing island which has harmoniously merged all elements of a tropical paradise with a touch of luxury, offering tourists an all-year-round water wonderland. Situated around 860 kilometers south of Bangkok, it is the country’s largest island nestled in the […]

Koh Samui, the Coconut Island A holiday experience with memories to last a lifetime has never been easier than on Koh Samui, Thailand’s third biggest island. Located 700 kilometers south of Bangkok in Surathani Province, the island has a long been developed into a popular holiday resort enveloped by more than fifty stunning islands. Koh […]

Krabi – Mountains, caves and waterfalls on the Beach Located 814 kilometers south of Bangkok, Krabi is a heavenly province on Thailand’s sapphire blue Andaman Sea. In addition to endless adventure options such as kayaking in secret caves, rock-climbing on precarious limestone cliffs and diving on vibrant offshore reefs, this tropical paradise also features fabulous […]

Pattaya – The Dynamic Beach Resort Pattaya is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 147 km southeast of Bangkok. From a fishing village in the 1960’s, Pattaya has emerged as one of Southeast Asia favorite vacation destination and in recent years has become the centre of Thailand’s principal holiday and […]

Koh Samet – The Island of White Sandy Beaches Conceived as one of Thailand’s most preferred holiday destination, Koh Samet is idyllically clustered off the coast of Rayong province and approximately 180 kilometers from Bangkok. It is naturally formed like a long boot, namely larger on the top and narrower at the bottom. Part of […]

Koh Chang – The Virgin Island Trat is Thailand’s easternmost province located 315 kilometers from Bangkok. It is home to the beautiful and relatively untouched island of Koh Chang, the country’s secong largest island after Phuket and a tropical marine national park. Its hinterland comprises over 70% virgin rainforest and is the best-preserved holiday destination […]

Chiang Mai – Rose of the North Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest town, with a population of about 600,000, a provincial capital and the most important city in the whole of northern Thailand. It is attractively laid out and contains some of the most beautiful and interesting temples in Thailand, in a characteristic local […]

Chiang Rai – Surrealistic Mountain Scenery In northern Thailand, bordering Burma to the north and Laos to the east, mountainous Chiang Rai is Thailand’s northern-most province, and thus its coolest as it lies an average of 580 metres (1,900 feet) above sea level. The region’s attractions range from magnificent mountain scenery, ruins of ancient settlements, […]