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Deep Sea Fishing

Southern Thailand provides some of the best fishing grounds in the world along with some of the most beautiful exotic scenery anywhere.

Phuket is now one of the world’s top fishing destinations and Asia’s Hotspot for sailfish along with Marlin, Wahoo, several types of Tuna and that hard fighting fish, the Giant Trevally.

The island offers tremendous opportunities to experience the thrill of big game fishing in a tropical paradise. Sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, mountains and vegetation provide the launch point from which the deep sea angler can explore the many species of fish that the Andaman Sea has to offer.

Phuket enjoys all year round fishing season with the month of November being probably the best month to fish.

Pattaya is known more for its night life than its deep sea fishing. For many years small speed boats were the only option available for fishing enthusiasts in Pattaya. Today you can find in Pattaya fishing operators offering complete fishing services: deep sea fishing, fresh water fishing and spear fishing.

If you go out for some big game fishing action on the Gulf of Siam you will be able to catch among many other fish Cobia, Sailfish, Shark Rays, Barracuda and the trevally. Night fishing is also availiable in Pattaya.