Faith and Love Win, Ana Rucner and Nuns Awakening Olives from Millenial Sleep

Novalja, Pag (Croatia) – June 12, 2017 ( – Beautiful song from the well known movie Sisters act: “I will follow him” was the inspiration for the video performed by Ana Rucner and the choir of the Mercy Sisters from St. Vinko Paulski. Unique natural “stage” of an ancient olive grove, where you can find hidden giant olives (80 000 trees) was the perfect place to convey emotion of the song. Sound of Ana’s cello was perfectly syncronized with beautiful voices of Nuns. Except in olive grove, this video was shooted above the beach Ručica in a little village Metajna on the Croatian island of Pag.

I usually spend my summer on the island of Pag and visit very often the olive groves of Lun. This location is really special and I deeply admire these olives. Some of them survived more than 2000 years. The oldest among them was our „main „stage“. I am so happy we managed to communicate in this video some very important things for me – Faith and unconditional love, a lot of positive energy, Nuns, the song dedicated to Jesus, and olive grove in Lun – really special place – Ana emphasized.

Author of the video is Ana Rucner, director is well known Croatian artist Darko Drinovac, MUA: Mihaela Dodić. Production: Ana Rucner, Nikola Mujdžić Reščić, Executive production: Mihaela Reščić.

Video shooting is supported by Tourist Board of Novalja, Pag.

Watch the video here: