Official Re-branding of Senor Pico Mexican Restaurant

Bangkok (Thailand) – December 18, 2015 (travelindex) – The Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok announces the official rebranding of its iconic and pioneering Mexican restaurant and renaming from Señor Pico to Mexicano. Mexicano will continue to offer the great dining experiences as the place for Mexican cuisine confirmed by Bangkok diners and visiting guests from around the world for more than two decades.

Apart from a newly refined focus on authentic Mexican food, how it is prepared and presented that stay true to Mexico’s distinctive culinary heritage – Mexicano illustrates that the focus on the old name revolving around a single person is no longer significant because what has proven to make this venue number one is the fun ambience, great food with friendly service and authentic experience all round. It is now perfect for anyone that appreciates and knows authentic Mexican cuisine and the many that wish to learn.

Our new direction and name change has given Señor Pico the opportunity to find a new and franchised home. You will, therefore, see his name around town but please note it has no connection with us at The Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok. He has been lovingly replaced by Mexicano… “the new sheriff in town”. Then, remember just one thing: The first is still number one.

Mexicano – Restaurante Auténtico

PR contact:
Karnnicha (Cheer) Boonratanapitak (Ms.) – Public Relations Executive
Phone +66 (0) 2261 7100 Ext. 7444
Mobile +66 (0) 86 990 1213