Flora & Fauna

National Parks of Thailand offer the visitors tremendous variety of attractions, in addition, they consists of ecologically, economically and scientifically valuable plants and animals. Most of Thailand National Parks are blessed with natural beauty and historical importance. The geology, landscape and natural beauty of the parks was recognized by visitor, both locally and internationally. Their […]

The animal world of Thailand is highly diversified, though only the most attentive observer will be able to appreciate its range and variety; for most of the animals – particularly the mammals of the jungles, can be seen only with the aid of either luck or cunning. The most famous of Thailand’s animals, still sometimes […]

The pattern of vegetation is of course strongly influenced by climatic variations. The alternation of seasons and moderate range of temperatures have favoured the growth of immense expanses of forest. There are two main types of forest, the dense evergreen forest and the open deciduous forest. The latter type is most frequently found in the […]