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The sailing in Thailand is a lifetime experience with warm waters and unspoilt tropical Islands.

On the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand the sailing area is stretching from Pattaya to the Ko Chang Archipelago. The Archipelago offers some 200 nm of pristine waters with amazing sailing conditions. It incorporates Koh Chang National Park which includes the islands of Koh Chang, the second largest in Thailand after Phuket, Koh Kut, Koh Mak and over 50 tropical islands to explore with superb sailing conditions.

Being several latitudes higher than Phuket, the Gulf of Thailand sailing grounds offer consistent wind all year round ranging from 10 to 15 knots making perfect sailing conditions.

Phuket has long been known for its spectacular islands but is now the area of choice for keen sailors. Sailing along the west coast of Thailand you will discover one of the world’s most beautiful and varied cruising grounds. Thousands of islands, bays and lagoons, with crystal clear water, fabulous coral and white sandy beaches, framed with tall coconut palms, within a few hours sailing.

East and North-East of Phuket Island, the fabulous Phan Nga Bay, Krabi and PhiPhi, together form an area of about 500 square miles. It offers sheltered sailing in all seasons. The entire area is dotted with stunning limestone islands, honeycombed with caves and fringed by mangrove forests and offering many little anchorages. Three major rivers plus a lot of smaller ones flow in the Phan Nga Bay.

To the north lies Myanmar (Burma) and the Mergui Archipelago, recently re-opened to visitors after 40 years of isolation; completely untouched and pristine. The only people one is likely to meet are fisherman or sea gypsies.

The Andaman Islands, or the “emerald Islands” as they are called, at two and a half days sailing from Phuket, are a must for the more adventurous. These islands are rich in history and still have Stone Age tribes living in some of the islands. Whales and tortoises are plentiful and the fishing is excellent. Even swimming elephants can be encountered!

To the South lies Malaysia with lovely Langkawi, a duty free island, ideal for a few days cruising and a perfect place to start a trip to the southern Thai islands of Butang and Tarutao.

Winds at the West Coast of Thailand

Starting in November the northeast monsoon, dry season prevails insuring steady and pleasant sailing conditions with maximum strength winds of force 5 to 6 Beaufort scale in January, gradually decreasing during March and dying away by April. May to October brings the Southwest monsoon or rainy season with SW winds, sometimes quite strong, produces a fairly large swell on the open sea. In this season there are sometimes squalls which, when cruising in open water, require a skilled crew to cope with them.

Temperature are year round between 80F/30C and 70F/24C.