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Nightlife in Thailand is one of the popular attractions in the country and it is said that no other city in Asia rivals Bangkok for it. The city’s nightlife is relaxed, safe and very enjoyable. You don’t need to dress up, and you won’t break the bank. And it really does go on around the clock.

The nightlife in Thailand, in particular in Bangkok has some of the best clubs playing live music. The bars and pubs also open till late in the night and have become a hangout for all age groups.

Like to watch sports while having a beer or play pool? You will find numbers of Sports Bars, Beer Bars and Pool Bars in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

In Bangkok the gogo bar areas of Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong are famous but you can find this kind of entertainment at the lesser sois of Sukhumvit and Silom. Pattaya’s nightlife is an alternative to Bangkok, and the bars and gogos of that seaside town are famous.

The islands of Samui and Phuket where the beach is the main attraction by day but at night the bars and discos open to a vibrant nightlife. Chiang Mai also provides various centers of entertainment and draws both the domestic and international crowds.

By law, all bars and clubs are supposed to close at 1 am or 2 am (2 am for places offering dance floors and live music). But as any visitor to the city will quickly find out, the reality is quite different. Most of the bars in areas like Nana and Patpong actually do close at 2 am, but then the action moves to late-night discos in the area (Spice, The Thermae) where the partying continues through to the daylight hours and on through the next day for those still on their feet.