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Thailand Events Calendar – October 2017

October is the month of some great festivals and celebrations in Thailand; Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival, Nong Khai Bang Fai Phajanak Festival, Phuket Vegetarian Festival, the famous Loy Krathong : A Thousand Floating Lanterns and many more. These festivals let visitors experience Thailand differently through numerous festive celebrations in October and throughout the 12-month calendar.

Thailand invites visitors and travelers to take part in unforgettable moments and experience the beauty of Thailand festivals ( throughout the year.

October 2017 – Events Calendar

October – November 2017
Mukdahan Kathina Festival
Where : Ban Phu ,Amphoe Nong sung and Amphoe Don Tan ,Mukdahan province.
Experience the whole Kathina ceremony from the very start including collecting, dying, weaving and finally sewing cotton to make monks’ robes. Watch Phu Thai cultural performances and join the sacred Kathina ceremony.

4 – 5 October 2017
Chonburi Buffalo Racing Festival
Where : Amphoe Mueang ,Nakhon Ratchasima
The festival features buffalo race which is divided into 3 sizes; small, medium and large. You will also get to watch buffalo decorating contest which is also divided into beautiful type and funny type. Moreover, there are also healthy buffalo contest, the best buffalo breeder contest and Nong Nang Ban Na beauty contest.

5 October 2017
Chiang Khan’s End of Buddhist Lent Festival
Where : Culture Yard in front of Wat Thakok and in front of Chiang Khan district office in Loei.
Witness a spectacular wax candle procession, Thai-Lao long-boat races. Shop for numerous products sold by local public organizations. Enjoy cultural performances, local music show, beauty contest and wax candle contest. There will also be Lai Reu Fai and Pa Lanf ceremony.

5 October 2017
Nong Khai Bang Fai Phajanak Festival
Where : Amphoe Mueang Poanpisai, Amphoe Pak Khat, Amphoe Tha Bo, Amphoe Si Chiang Mai And Amphoe sangkom in Nong Khai
Every year, thousands of people come to Nong Khai and gather by the Mekong River to witness the Bung Fai Phayanak phenomenon.It is believed that Bang Fai Phaya Nak or Naga Fireball are caused by the Giant Serpant (Phaya Nak) which live at the bottom of the river.

6 October 2017
Tak Bat Devo Festival at Wat Sangkat Rattanakhiri
Where : Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri. Tambon Uthai mai Amphoe Mueang, Uthai Thani.
Over 500 monks residing in temples in Uthai Thani will line up and walk down the Sakaekrang Hill, leading by a replica image of Buddha, to recieve offerings and foods from Buddhists.

6-13 October 2017
Trang’s Chak Phra Tradition
Where : Thung jang Stadium Trang – Sikao Roads, Amphoe Mueang , Trang
Join this lively merit-making ceremony and watch local cultural performances, including other entertaining events and shop for various types of OTOP products.

10 – 22 October 2017
Paying Homange to Phra Samut Chedi Fair
Where : Wat Phra Samut Chedi and the town hall. Samut Prakarn
The fair features a ceremonial procession to pay Homage to Phra Samut Chedi and Red Cross fair, selling Samut Prakan’s OTOP products.

19 – 28 October 2017
Trang Vegetarian Festival
Where : In front of Trang office, Muen Ram Shrine, Kiu Oong Ia shrine, Tiger Shrine, Tai Sia Hud Jo shrine, Chao Sam Oong Hu Tao Bo geng Shrine in Trang.
A vegetarian festival in Trang which is held in October every year. During the festival, people harmoniously dress in white for 9 days and nights and refrain from eating meat or dairy products. The main activities include Lui Fai ceremony during the night, Crossing the bridge ceremony to get rid of bad luck and climbing blade ladders. There will also be a procession of buddha image through the city.

20 – 23 October 2017
Hat Yai Vegetarian Festival
Where : Supasan Rangsan Park in front of Tong Sia Xiang Teung Foundation , Hatyai, Songkhla.
The festival features a procession of sacred items, local gods, holy horses, golden dragon and lion parade. There will also be vegetarian food stalls.

20 – 28 October 2017
Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Where : Shrines in Phuket
Phuket Vegetarian festival is held for 9 days and 9 nights. The participants have to observe 10 commandments during the festival. In each shrine, there will be ceremonies to pay homage to deities and respectfully invite the deities to open the vegetarian festival.

30 October – 3 November 2017
Colour of the River: Loy Krathong Festival
Where : Nagara Pirom Park ,Bangkok.
Witness and join a spectacular show of boats decorated with colorful light and fireworks show in the middle of Chao Phraya River.

30 October – 3 November 2017
Loy Krathong : A Thousand Floating Lanterns
Where : Next to the river, Krathong Sai field, Rattanakosin 200 Years Bridge, Tak.
Watch floating lantern and HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s Royal Trophy procession. There will also be stalls selling OTOP products and a procession of floating lanterns from each community, consisted of leading Krathong, following Krathong and ending Krathong.